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Mayfair and Bond is a Commodity Trading and Brokerage House specifically focussed on the following products;

Refined Petroleum
Gas Oil
Fuel Oil
Jet Fuel
Bio Fuel

Crude Products

Iron Ore
HMS1 & 2


Soft Products


The company although still in its infancy in comparison to other companies has proven itself to be a substantial player within the commodities markets. Our core business is strategically spread over two sectors;

>> Trading & Brokerage
>> Mining investments

The main commodity areas in which the company specialises are refined petroleum products (Gas Oil, Jet Fuel & Fuel Oil), base metals (such as iron ore and copper) and gold (both doré and bullion). Other commodities such as diamonds, sugar and HMS1 & 2 are occasionally traded but not on a regular basis.

Crude Oil Products
The Crude Oil division within the company although the most recent addition is fast becoming a key driver within the business model. We have existing relationships in place with producing entities covering South America and the Middle East and have purchasing refineries in the European and Asian markets. We are able to transact in products ranging from Heavy and Sour through to Light and Sweet.

Due to the nature of these transactions we predominantly only provide this service to clients that have a proven track record within the crude sector.

Refined Petroleum Products
The oil and gas sector is the most actively traded commodity sector within the company's portfolio of products as a proactive approach is taken on a daily basis to secure new clients and to source additional supply. The trading desk is increasing in numbers showing us that our perception towards professional and seamless transactions is fast becoming a proven method. The company implements a very thorough Due Diligence and vetting process with regard to any new client before an offer of representation is made ensuring that clients are fully ready, willing and able to perform upon acceptance of a transaction proposal.

We act as either Title Holder or as Broker depending on the offer in question and predominantly work within the Gas Oil and Jet markets. We are extremely conscious of providing both our suppliers and purchasing clients with a Triple A service from commencement of an appointment through to the continual distribution of product in a seamlessly integrated transaction.

We have relationships with refineries, allocation holders, commercial account holders, trade desks and brokers within the secondary markets for physical fuel transactions and have the ability to hedge or offset these contracts into the futures and options OTC markets such as the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).

Gas Oil
Most of the Gas OilProducts that we are involved with are sourced and supplied from either Eastern Europe or the USA. We do however occasionally engage in transactions within the Middle East to provide services to our Asian client portfolio.

We cover the following products;

>> Diesel Gas Oil 0.1 GOST 305-82
>> Euro 2M
>> ULSD/50-10 ppm/EN590

Jet Fuel
We are fortunate as a company to have access via our trade partners to reliable products direct from the major suppliers as we are extremely aware of the importance this commodity plays in the continual prosperity of international airline companies.

We engage within;

>> Aviation Kerosene Jet A1 ASTM D1655
>> Aviation Kerosene TS-1 GOST 10227-86

Fuel Oil
As a main driving force within the Far Eastern markets this commodity is in high demand throughout the year.

>> Mazut M100 GOST 10585/75
>> HFO ISO 8217
>> 3.0% Sulphur Virgin Fuel Oil

As the most readily available and widely used refined product we have created a unique relationship enabling us to provide gasoline in multiple forms including a unique RON 96.

>> RON 87
>> RON 91
>> RON 95
>> RON 96

Base Metal Products
We have a robust network of relationships with both mine owners and their appointed mandates enabling us to secure and supply commodities to our purchasing clients at attractive rates with realistic procedures. We are able to secure commodities from South America, Africa and the Far East to suit the needs of our international clientele. Since the company has focussed on securing ‘title’ positions within the fuel market a strict ‘brokerage’ role is now taken on base metals to reduce the company’s exposure within the market.

We regard to commodity investments we have created a unique platform to ensure that investments into mining entities are low risk yet high reward. This platform enables clients to progress though an investment cycle ensuring that all parties involved maximise on profitability. Our geographical and commodity strategic outlook provides clients with a very safe spread across both product and location ensuring that their portfolio of activities offers a safe yet strong return on investment.

Gold Products
Through robust and proven contacts we are in the fortunate position to be able to offer our clients gold in the form of both ‘Bullion’ and ‘Doré’. Our network of associates including mining entities, central banks, trust funds, hedge funds, governmental agencies and UHNW individuals ensures that our clients receive the best possible offers within the market encompassing a wide variety of procedures that take into consideration multiple financial and cultural differences.

Soft Products
We have access to other commodity bases such as ICUMSA 45 through our international network of traders and funds that enable us to provide services within these alternative commodity sectors.



Mayfair & Bond Limited provide an OTC commodity transaction service on physical delivered products to recognised clients and are a registered and approved Trade and Brokerage Company with the 'New York Mercantile Exchange' (NYMEX), the 'Commodity Exchange' (COMEX) and the 'Chicago Board of Trade' (CBOT). All commodity transactions are processed via ClearPort, part of the CME Group and verification of the company's status within these Commodity Exchanges can be obtained upon request.


About Us






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Mayfair & Bond Limited
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Voicemail: +44 (0)203 239 8400